Wedding Dress Alterations

Your wedding gown will be measured and custom fit to suit your body type and physique, satisfaction guaranteed.
Alteration prices are based on time and complexity of the work performed.


starting at
  • Neck Strap Adjustment


  • Shoulder Strap Adjustment

    starting at $45

  • Bra Caps and Bust Darts


  • Attach Bra or Corset



starting at
  • Traditional Bustle

    starting at $150

  • French Bustle or Bodice

    starting at $175

  • Hem

    starting at $195

  • Zipper Back to Corset

    starting at $250

  • Corset Back to Zipper

    starting at $350


starting at
  • Veils

    starting at $15/layer

  • Bridesmaid Dress

    starting at $25

  • Wedding Gown

    starting at $75

When it comes to alterations, time is valuable and important in order to meet all expectations. Please call, email or book an appointment promptly, so we can assist you efficiently.